From property to people, there are a lot of assets business is responsible for, which is why companies need to be insured. Two important policies a company should invest in are liability insurance and worker’s compensation.

With these different policies, businesses protect themselves from any civil action that could be taken against them in the event that an employee is injured on the job or property is damaged. Liability insurance for businesses comes in a couple of different coverages to suit different types of businesses.

There’s general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). Allstar has been selling business insurance policies in Georgia for 50 years. Our customers can attest to our dependability and affordability. Choose Allstar if you are looking for affordable, small business insurance policies and excellent customer service.


If a claim resulting from regular business operations is made against you, then general liability insurance helps you cover the following:

  • Bodily injury to a customer/client

  • Property damage

  • Personal and advertising injury

  • Legal fees

  • Damage to rented equipment


You can tailor your general liability insurance policy to match the needs of your business. Factors that affect a premium include your business’s exposure, location, and the number of employees.

However, general liability insurance is usually best suited for businesses such as:

  • General contractors

  • Landscaping companies

  • Real estate agents

  • Consultants


This type of policy is suitable for businesses that offer professional services and work directly with clients. This policy functions to protect enterprises if a client is harmed from professional advice or services.

Businesses can add coverage that suits their needs, but standard coverage under professional liability plans includes:

  • Negligence

  • Copyright Infringement

  • Claims for libel or slander

  • Defense costs

  • Previously performed services

  • Temporary staff and independent contractors

Businesses who typically purchase professional liability coverage include:

  • Consultants

  • Accountants

  • Counselors

  • Attorneys

  • Engineers

  • Real estate agents


A business owner’s policy is an all-in-one policy that combines property damage and liability coverage. This is a good policy for a medium-sized business that owns a storefront, such as restaurants, retail stores, and wholesalers.

The liability coverage on BOP functions like a general liability policy. This means it does not cover employee injury, which should be purchased separately through worker’s compensation.

The coverage for property damage protects commercial buildings and moveable property owned by the business, such as furniture or equipment. This includes losses from vandalism, theft, and weather.

Some events are not covered by a basic BOP plan, such as flooding and earthquake damage. You can purchase additional coverage for these events.

The cost of a BOP plan, like the other plans mentioned above, depends on the level of risk your business faces. Talking to an Allstar agent can help you better understand what coverage works for your needs.


Businesses that employ workers are required to have worker’s compensation. This type of protection covers medical expenses and loss of wages when an employee is injured on the job or becomes ill on the job due to workplace conditions. This can include everything from injury due to lifting heavy equipment or illness related to inhaling toxic chemicals.

 Worker’s compensation policies also provide coverage for employee rehabilitation and death benefits. Although worker’s compensation is required by every state, each state has its laws regarding the number of coverage businesses need.

Usually, coverage will depend on how many workers a company employs and the number of risks associated with different job duties.

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