When you own a business, you need to everything you can to protect its assets. This is where commercial property and casualty insurance becomes necessary. Although these plans cover different aspects of your business, they are usually lumped together and sold in one policy.

Commercial property and casualty insurance provide financial protection for your business in the event your physical property is damaged, or a customer is hurt on your premises.

However, it’s important to understand what each plan covers individually before purchasing a policy so you can think about your individual needs.


Commercial property insurance provides financial coverage to buildings owned by your business and any additional property, such as equipment or tools. The policy covers loss in the event of theft, vandalism, weather, and other types of accidents.

Rates vary by the amount covered and also by whether you choose a cash value reimbursement or replacement plan. A cash value reimbursement means the insurance company will send you a check in the estimated amount of loss whereas a replacement plan means the insurance company will work to replace the lost/damaged items for you.


Casualty insurance basically works like liability insurance. In some cases, umbrella policies are added to casualty insurance to extend the coverage. Umbrella policies offer added coverage which provides protection for situations that typically aren’t covered in a basic insurance plan.

If anyone is hurt on your business’s property, then casualty insurance can pay for medical expenses, legal fees, and settlement costs up to the policy limits. Furthermore, casualty insurance can also consist of the following types of coverage:

This coverage is designed for companies that provide professional services, such as medical professionals, attorneys, and consultants. It acts as liability coverage if a client experiences a grievance due to the service provider’s negligence.

This coverage was originally designed for technology companies and protected their clients against comprised information. However, since most companies now operate to some extent online, any business can benefit from this coverage.

This provides coverages for injuries sustained outside of the United States but under the responsibility of your business.


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