Just like any expensive purchase, you want to make sure your condo and the people who visit are financially protected in the event of damage or injury. Although you can own a condo just like you can a house, you do not own the building the unit is in nor the land the building sits on. Therefore, condo insurance differs slightly from homeowner’s insurance. 

Before you look into condo insurance policies, you’ll need to know what coverage your condo association provides for the entire building and what it doesn’t. Typically, condominium associations have a “master policy” which will detail what damages it covers and what it doesn’t, so you can look up this information there or ask a representative.

Once you know what’s covered under the condo association, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of coverage you need.


Personal Property

Personal property coverage protects your personal possessions whether you’ve kept them inside of your condo or they are temporarily outside of condo. For example, if you’re moving, then your possessions can still be covered as long as the policy is active.

Personal property protection covers your belongings in the event of theft, vandalism, fire, or even certain weather damages. However, usually damage from flooding is typically excluded and requires additional coverage.
Liability coverage provides financial responsibility for people who are injured in your home and you are at fault. If this coverage is utilized, then it would pay for the individual’s medical bills and any related legal fees.

However, note that this coverage is situational, so the insurance company would have to approve the coverage based on the circumstances.

This covers damage to your actual unit and pays for any necessary replacements or repairs. Damages covered include damages from fire, vandalism, and most weather-related damages. Coverage for the dwelling, depending on your coverage limits, can also pay for temporary housing if your condo is uninhabitable as a result of the damages.

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