When you buy a home, having homeowner’s insurance helps cover any damages that may occur to your house. This includes making necessary reparations or replacements to the house or anything in the house. Homeowner’s insurance is not generally not mandatory if the house is paid in full, but most mortgage lenders will require some coverage.

Even if you are required to have homeowner’s insurance, it’s also something you want. That’s because policies will cover damages incurred from several different events, including natural disasters and even theft. It is essential to know what kind of coverage you need and is offered by the homeowner’s insurance policies before purchasing a plan, so you’re prepared to get the best policy possible.

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The basic coverage for homeowner’s insurance protects:

  • The dwelling

  • Other structures on your property

  • Personal property (any belongings in the house)

  • Liability

Protection for these traditional policies covers damages incurred by storms, fires, broken structures (e.g., if a pipe burst and causes water damage), and theft or vandalism. The liability protection typically covers personal injury if the injury was due to a faulty structure in the house. For example, if a floorboard breaks as someone steps on it and breaks their foot, your policy can cover any necessary medical costs.

It is important to note that basic coverage for homeowner’s insurance can vary a little from state to state, but overall, the general requirements by law are similar. Along with covering the cost for any of these damages, most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover the cost of temporary living expenses if the need arises while the insured home is being repaired.

Although a basic policy covers damage to the house due to frequent storms, such as hail and lightning strikes, it will not cover more severe types of natural disasters.

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