Renter’s insurance covers any damage or loss to your personal property that is kept inside of a rented dwelling. Some landlords or property management companies require tenants to get renters insurance. However, even if it is not needed, it is still a good idea to invest in renter’s insurance.

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Renter’s insurance covers the cost of any damage or loss to your personal items that may have occurred through vandalism, theft, a busted pipe, a fire, or some other event. Personal property can include everything from your laptop to your TV to your clothes or kitchenware. If you do not have renter’s insurance and your personal property is damaged or lost from events outside of your control, then the property owners typically assume no responsibility, unless the problem was due to their negligence.

For example, if a landlord was advised that a water heater should be replaced, then failed to do so, you could file a civil suit for the landlord to take responsibility for the damages. You can also get renter’s liability insurance, which covers injury a person suffered while in your rented home. With renter’s liability insurance, that person can file a claim with your insurer to receive coverage for any associated medical costs. Assuming liability, of course, would depend on the situation.


Although renter’s insurance is designed to protect your belongings from incidents outside of your control, it doesn’t cover everything. A renter’s insurance policy will not cover:

  • Flood damage caused by storms

  • Liability for professional services you provide from home

  • Damage to your vehicle

Since renter’s insurance doesn’t cover flood damage, you may want to look for flood insurance if you live in an area that’s prone to flooding.

There may also be limits to what your renter’s insurance policy covers. If you own high-value items, you may need to take out additional coverage to protect their worth.

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